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PhD Student – Cornell University

Computer Science – Biological Statistics and Computational Biology



This is an early draft web page. My apologies for the rough edges.

As of Dec-2011, I’m a 5’th year PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell University.  My primary area of research is in the applications of machine learning to inferring the regulatory properties of non-coding human DNA, by blending evolutionary & population genetics with structural data such a histone modification. My advisor is Adam Siepel.

I have active interests in: Machine Learning (particularly Semi-supervised Learning), Causal Inference, Latent Variable Discovery in Bayesian Networks and Decision Theory. I also have a 20+ year work history in software development, technology consulting and forensic technology assessment.


My current project can be reached here, for those in my lab.

Secondary areas of research include:

·         Decision theory and preference relations based on relative utility.

·         Causality & Causal Inference.


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