The Simons Center for Quantitative Biology is launching a new post-doctoral training program designed to support quantitative scientists who want to transition into biology, with a particular focus on machine learning and data science. The Simons Center is the home for mathematical, computational, and theoretical research in biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The Center includes over a dozen faculty members developing innovative methods to tackle fundamental problems in areas, such as neuroscience, genomics, plant biology, and cancer, with extensive collaborations with experimentalists in a world-class research and education institution.

Affiliated Faculty

Alex Dobin
single-cell & precision health
Tatiana Engel
neural dynamics, cognition & ML
Jesse Gillis
big data & single cell
Molly Hammell
ML & gene regulation

Justin Kinney
sequence-function relationships & biophysics
Peter Koo
deep learning for genomics
Alex Koulakov
computational neuroscience
David McCandlish
ML for mutations & evolution

Hannah Meyer
systems immunology & genomics
Partha Mitra
machine intelligence,
neuroscience & physics
Saket Navlakha
algorithms in nature
Adam Siepel
evolutionary and regulatory genomics

Tony Zador
neuro-inspired ML


None Specified

Machine learning experts interested in acquiring expertise in neuroscience to develop novel brain-inspired AI algorithms might wish to consider the NeuroAI program at CSHL.