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Supplementary data: Patterns of positive selection in six mammalian genomes

This web page presents the data sets accompanying manuscript:

C. Kosiol, T. Vinar, R.R. da Fonseca, M.J. Hubisz, C.D. Bustamante, R. Nielsen, A. Siepel: Patterns of positive selection in six mammalian genomes. PLoS Genetics, 2008.

All files are tab separated text files unless otherwise noted.

Genes, orthologs, and alignments

Overview of PSGs

The following HTML table contains an overview of all 544 PSGs identified under at least one of the likelihood ratio tests A-I. The table also includes gene descriptions (mouse over the gene name) and links to a genome browser track.

The table shows nominal P-values for each of the tests performed for each of the 544 genes. FDR significant values are shown in boldface.

A genome browser track summarizing the results of the likelihood ratio tests is available in the UCSC Genome Browser (located under category "Genes and Gene Prediction Tracks").

Likelihood ratio tests - raw results

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