Bat assembly UCSC genome browser

Mesoamerican Mustached Bat (P. mesoamericanus): Assembly Pmesoamericanus_v1 [chrom.sizes]
Jamaican Fruit Bat (A. jamaicensis): Assembly Ajamaicensis_v1 [chrom.sizes]

Bat assembly and annotation data

Mesoamerican Mustached Bat (P. mesoamericanus): [FASTA] [GFF] [Repeats GFF]
Jamaican Fruit Bat (A. jamaicensis): [FASTA] [GFF] [Repeats GFF]
Bat Repeat Library (including repeats from Jebb et al., 2020): [FASTA]

If you use this data please cite our preprint:
Scheben et al., Long-read sequencing reveals rapid evolution of immunity- and cancer-related genes in bats. bioRxiv 2020.09.09.290502 (2021) doi:

Contact:Armin Scheben or Adam Siepel, Siepel Lab, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Last update: 08/20/2021